About Tampa Marine Tuning

Nizpro as the name suggests was established in the late 1980’s to service the performance requirements of the Nissan car owner, with a specific orientation towards turbocharging.
From humble beginnings the company quickly grew necessitating several moves before purchasing a sizeable facility situated in the outer eastern Melbourne suburb of Bayswater.
Prior to this last move, company owner Simon Gishus embarked on a lengthy planning exercise while adopting the policy that he would only invest in the highest quality equipment. To this end, major renovations took place including the design and development of the company’s own in-house engine dynamometer system. This incredibly sophisticated dynamometer incorporates a soundproof control room and a soundproof engine room all serviced by a massive 75,000-litre recycled water supply system.
A chassis dynamometer was also installed along with an engine ‘clean’ room, large mezzanine storage facility, and two-story office complex.
A desire to keep boundaries of engine performance has seen the Nizpro team involved with all facets of high performance engines from race car preparation, the building of various race vehicles, along with engine development for AUSCAR, V8 Supercar, Nations Cup, GT Performance, Ski Boat and various other categories.