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Each of our tunes only optimizes the performance of your engine without impacting reliability. During development, the tunes are pushed to the point at which the motor would begin to "knock" and potential failure could occur. From there the adjusted parameters are significantly backed down to a safe level where they are then reliability tested for over 200 hours both on an engine dynamometer and in the water before they are released to the public.

No. It actually increases your fuel mileage. By increasing the power of the motor, it becomes more efficient by lowering the RPM needed for operating at the same speed. On average our customers see a 15% increase in fuel economy; though some of our customers have seen far more, especially on boats with multiple engines.

Up to 130hp depending on the output of your motor. Individual product pages have dyno graphs showing powerband improvements.

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To minimize the cost of production, manufacturers like Yamaha produce one outboard engine platform that can support multiple levels of power. Example: The Offshore V6 F225 is mechanically identical to the Offshore V6 F300. The only difference between the two is the calibration. We are effectively applying the power that the factory has removed for detuned models plus a bit of increased performance in certain areas of the tune.

Most of our clients do not need to change props after tuning to experience the benefits. However, you can change props at any time to suit your goals, whether that be more top speed, better hole-shot, or fuel milage.

No. We proudly offer remote tuning solutions for most of the western hemisphere at the same cost as our local, white-glove service. Upgrade turnaround in as few as three days.

Check out our Remote Tuning Guide

Yes! As the fuel economy of your outboard engine(s) increases so too does your maximum range. On average our customers experience a 15% increase in fuel economy which directly correlates to an increase in range. If you could travel 400 miles on a single tank before, after your engine(s) are tuned you will be able to travel 15% further, which works out around 60 extra miles. This will allow you hit those coordinates that have always been just out of reach or maybe make that run to the Bahamas you have always wanted.

Some of our customers, especially with multiple engines have experienced far greater results. For example we tuned a 43’ everglades with 4x350’s who went from .5 to .7 mpg. Because of this his range increased from ~306 miles, to ~509 miles per tank, allowing him to go farther and fish longer.  We generally expect 15% but in this case the customer got a 40% increase in MPG.

If you live locally, you will go through the same process to purchase your tune, however, when you reach the shipping selection page, be sure to select local pickup. After checkout, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a time for you to stop by with your ECU.

The whole process takes less than 20 minutes.

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